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SHERA Infill Wall


Shera infillwall  is a revolutionary system that replaces traditional walling method. It offers high workability saving both time and money on constructions. Decreasing dead load on the structure , infillwall helps constructions tolerate the impact of earthquakes. Because of less thickness, the systems subsequently increased the carpet area of the project. With waterproof and fire-resistance capabilities, it makes the construction better, stronger and safer.. 

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Shera infill wall


Infill Core

Shera Board

Finishing Coat

Key Features  

Fast-Track Construction

Installation is 30% faster than masonry work with fewer laborers required. That helps the projects save construction time.

Smooth Surface

Because of using flat SHERA board as wall skin surface, there is no need of rendering work.


SHERA infillwall passed standard certification by reliable testing institutes in order to qualify durability, impact and fire resistant.


With the quick construction process similar to dry wall, SHERA infillwall makes site cleaner than conventional wall.


Unlike concrete and brick wall, SHERA infillwall won't collapse suddenly when fire and earthquake occur due to its component of light weight large panel.

Cost Saving

SHERA infillwall has lighter weight than both brick wall and per-casted concrete panel. Thus, it reduces static load  to the structure leading to cost reduction in the whole structure including cost of cleaning site and managing wastage.   

6 step fast track

GI Framing

Sheeting the Board

M/E Install

Infill Concrete

Finishing Joints


On comparision, Shera infillwall system has found to be more fires and heat resistance,
easy to install and covers less floor area creating less wastage. 

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      Clarico-Full Image