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      SHERA infill-wall
      Shera infillwall is a revolutionary system that replaces traditional walling method. It offers high work-ability saving both time and money on constructions.  Decreasing dead load on the structure... Know more

      SHERA Products
        Shera products are of diverse range that includes construction boards, siding, decking, fencing, ceiling, eaves, strips and skirting that are suitable in a wide variety of building material.... Know more

      SHERA Application
      Shera products are fibrous cement products that are easy to handle and install, reducing installation time and increasing cost-saving. Shera products are also prefect choice of application... Know more

      Our Projects
      As people seek alternative to conventional building techniques, we in partnership with Shera Thailand seek to lead Nepal in construction with new and modern building techniques  Know more


      About Shera, Thailand

      Shera Public Company Limited,(Mahaphant Group) established in 1974 in Bangkok Thailand, is emerging as a leading manufacturer of unique and environment-friendly fibre-cement products.

      Mahaphant is proud to develop a unique range of products under a prestigious brand SHERA. SHERA has started a successful story since 2005 with the first production of complete range of wood substitution in this region. Currently, SHERA is widely known worldwide for GREEN INNOVATIVE fibre-cement board, panel, siding and various wood substitution products

      About Us

      Valley Plus Pvt. Ltd. Was established in 2005 as a trading wing of Valley Homes Pvt. Ltd.. Since then it has become a major player in the fiber cement board and wood alternative sector.  Valley Plus Pvt. Ltd. is the sole distributor for SHERA products manufactured in Thailand, a leading brand in the Fiber Cement industry.